Fitness motivation from 10 hot and sexy Instagram famous models.
If you’re in need of some Instagram fitness inspiration, look no further. These ten fitness gurus are already role models to millions of followers double-tapping their every fitness move. They’ve created workout guides and clean eating recipes for women to look their best, and aren’t shy to post their strong, toned physiques. With bikini snaps, workout videos, and many a mirror selfie, their bodies and Instagram feeds are plenty motivational.

With 4.6 million followers – and counting - Kayla Itsines is the most popular of them all. You may know her from her Bikini Body Guides or “Sweat with Kayla” app. She’s created a fitness empire with her intense full-body workouts and loves to share photos of her clients’ before and afters. As the creator of POP Pilates, Cassey Ho is one of the world’s top 5 health and fitness influencers. Her Pilates workouts will give you the body of your dreams and her feed is bright and motivating. She keeps things real and that’s what’s up.

Tanya Poppett and Amanda Bisk are both from Australia, so stunning, tranquil backdrops make for beautiful fitness photos and videos. And every single one of these ten fitness gurus loves to post photos of their nutritious meals, which will make you want to grab them right out of your screen. Motivational quotes are also in no short supply, which makes these women even more relatable.

These fitness gals are inspiring women to look and feel their best. They’re proving that with hard work and a healthy, active lifestyle, the body of your dreams is just a 12-week workout away. Today’s video looks at the 10 best Instagram fitness models you should follow. Get ready to be inspired.

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