Every self-respecting man should own a tie. Men ties can finish and create a very elegant look to any outfit. If you wear a tie on an everyday basis or just happen to put one from time to time it is important that you should know how to take care of them. This is not just a piece of fabric you can stuff in your wardrobe and take it for granted. If you know how to care for this delicate part of them they will be in perfect shape every time you need them.

* Storage – If you want to take special extra care of the tie collection you should get hangers especially designed for ties. You should always be careful how you place a tie after you untie it. When on the road, you can always buy one of those ties cases or just fold the ties in fours and storage them in your socks or shoes. You should Keep them in the dark closet will also prevent their colour to fade away. You do not leave it on a chair or just laying on a table and it can be a coat hanger or your closets dowel where you hang it. If you want the creases of the knot to fall out, always put the tie properly on a hanger. Ties can be wool, cotton, silk, etc., but no matter what the fabric, they are all very impressionable.

* Wrinkles – if you store your ties properly you will most likely get rid of the wrinkles from the knots, but sometimes this is not enough. The more often you wear a tie, the more wrinkles it will get – so avoid wearing a tie for consecutive days. If this does not help try the steam trick – leave them in the bathroom while taking a shower. The handled steamer of course is the ultimate wrinkle fighter for mens ties and you should definitely get one if you are a tie lover.

* Stains – getting a little food on your clothes, respectively on your tie seems inevitable. There are tie tack designed to keep the tie in place, but there is a trick to how to wear them. If you do not want your tie to have a dent from the tack, and it will definitely have one, you should simply put in under the tie through its label. If nevertheless you get it stained, immediately start blotting it with cold water to prevent it from settling in. If it is a greasy stain – get some talcum powder to absorb the oil. There are of course tie-cleaning services for the toughest of stains.

Men’s ties need proper protection so that the man looks efficient and graceful.

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