Just about everyone loves to wear some rather beautiful artisan jewelry which can normally found in boutiques rather than department stores. These kinds of necklaces and bracelets stand out as being uniquely designed and some are actually discounted pieces which will not be seen elsewhere? Indeed, Sundance jewelry in particular is being worn now even on the catwalks since it looks so different from the norm and people are actually starting to wear it at formal functions too.

When people hear of handmade trinkets, they often think of the hippy-inspired pieces from way back when that was not made from anything special. However, these days, these pieces can contain some rather interesting material. Precious and semi-precious stones look wonderful set amongst unusual materials and this is just what makes them look eye-catching.

For example, some designers will use linen or leather material wrapped wonderfully with gold or silver wire. The wire can also be used to encase a particular stone too and this could be something with a very pleasing look or something that costs a good deal of money. This way of mounting the stones is what makes the pieces unusual and what people go for since most of us are drawn to one particular color or other.

The great thing about these pieces though, and the people who make them, is that they can be hand fitted to a particular person. Not everyone is graced with a long and slender neck so some necklaces will either be too tight or too high on the chest. Even earrings dangle at different lengths and if the lady has a short neck, these could actually brush the shoulders, which is not really a good look for anyone. However, a fitting service is available where the exact length is ascertained and the artist adds a few pieces or takes them out depending on what is needed. This truly is 'made to measure' at its finest!

One would assume that this kind of piece would turn out to be rather expensive, especially considering the after service which is always present. But one would be completely wrong. Average prices work out at around fifty dollars so this is a great gift idea for someone extra special. Of course, the rarer stones and gold wired varieties will attract a higher price but considering what one is getting, this is well worth it in the end. Indeed, so good are these pieces that ladies today are now getting the pieces first and then planning their wardrobe around them.

Because these pieces are available online, and because of the tailoring service provided by most designers, it is unlikely that anyone in the vicinity will have the same piece in their collection. Matching up a full set of rings, bracelet, earrings and necklace brings a lovely cohesive look to any outfit and these pieces can be bought one at a time for different special occasions. Ordering up front though will ensure that the pieces are available when needed and one does not have to pay until the time is right.

Stewart Wrighter bought some artisan jewelry as gifts for his wife and mother. His wife loved the Sundance jewelry she received recently as a birthday gift.