The self esteem of a person is sometimes related with what the society presents us the values. A beautiful body, to be "in" in fashion, telecommunications,... are some aspects which carry us to follow the trend. That brings me to speak about miracle diets - those who promise us many kilos of lost during little time. In some situation, it is possible to use a diet. The goal is to cleanse the body and allow it to eat better afterward. But a daily dractic diet can bring negative consequences to your health.

A hyperactive life reflects those solutions which we use to resolve weight gain. By the diets, we want to take a shortcut towards a healthier body, a better life. This shortcut appears a miracle when it is presented to us, but sooner or later, the reality catches us.

The situation is clear. To reach a good health, two aspects must be respected: good food and a fitness program. Instead of not eating in the morning, for example, some small meals several times a day would be more benefit for you. As regards of fitness programs, there are tons on internet. The main thing is to practice an activity of your choice, three times a week, for a minimum of 30 minutes. By combining these two aspects, your results will probable be better in a long term period but then, much more long-lasting way of living.

You know what Im saying is easy to write, but terribly hard to follow. You have to fight each day to be able to train in a fitness program. But, you will see that following the aspects above will bring you towards a more regular practice of fitness programs. When you can follow a program of exercises, you will be able to train weekly and to eat good food.

Marcel Clavet

The 10's Beginner Workout (Body Weight Only)

I have had the request for an ultra simple, compeltely free, performable by all fitness levels workout for beginners so that's exactly what I've done here! If you are someone who lits on a regular basis just skip over this workout but if you have just started or if you ever find yourself in a place where you have no gym to workout you can do this! This workout can be used to burn fat in conjunciton with a good diet, so if you need to lose weight try to up the intervals you do of this workout as many times as you can!

Thanks for the idea for this video guys!

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