The first year of work on fitness and has a lot of interesting articles about fitness exercises at home produced. As we thought, why not even create it into a beautiful fitness program at home.

This fitness program is the intensity of her very simple and is therefore ideal for beginners and people who are not accustomed to regular exercise. If you're new to the exercises in this section, run over just the name of the exercise with your mouse and go to make a little guide appears.

You need to train conceivable bit. Only a fitness mat should be provided to you. But it is also without!

An equally important recommendation before you start: To increase your motivation to something, you should insert a good CD. Music can do wonders for training.

The fitness program should be in a period of 60 - to be played through 70 minutes to ensure the effectiveness of the program. The program is essentially structured in 5 phases of training.

1. The heating
2. The mobilization
3. Strengthening of the muscles
4. Relaxation


The warming is the first stage of your fitness program. This phase is extremely important not only for this program, but in almost all serious training, a proper warm-up duty to ensure effective training and to minimize the risk of injury.

The warm-up exercises we complete within 8 - minutes 10th We do this both to running exercises as well as exercises that are performed in the hopping.

Let's start with running: Look in your home with a range of several meters length (so 5 - 8 meters) and walk them up and down. You rotate the first alternate for left and right arm, then with both. While the arms rotate yet, start with the running knee to move to the top.The whole always change step. After 3-5 minutes we stop the running and get to the Hpfbungen.

The jumping course should be undertaken only if you have no problems at the joint or.Apparatus have cartilage.

In essence, we make the bouncing puppets in different variations. Again, we put back on the arms and have them rotate in different ways to heat up as many muscle groups.

The mobilization

The mobilization is to make, essentially, with simple exercises, the joints mobile. Again, we turn again in 50-10 minutes of time and perform the following exercises in a circuit.Before each exercise, we do 14 reps per run.

Pull shoulders back and
Own head (lateral)
Shoulder Lift
Own head (front and back)
Arms sideways town red (this stretch arms length and move in together)

Strengthening of the muscles (intensity: simple, focusing chest, legs, abdomen)

Now it can get down to go and we start with the exercises to strengthen the muscles.Strength training, we have also built in the form of a cycle. That means we do the exercises from top to bottom. 3 series should be feasible, three runs of all exercises.

Sit-ups (15 to 20 reps)
Calf Raises without weight (especially effective on a feasible step, 15 - 20 reps)
Squats (15 - 25 times)
Push-ups with bent knees

The last phase is to carry out simple. To relax we lay flat on his back for a while and breathe deeply in and out.

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