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Planet Fitness believes that how you work out is totally up to you. It doesn't matter if your legs have never seen a squat machine before. Take advantage of planet fitness's unlimited fitness training programs or just do your own thing on the treadmill.

Planet Fitness believes that no one should ever feel gymtimidated by lunky behavior and that everyone should feel at ease in Planet Fitness's gyms, no matter what his or her work out goals are. Everyone should have access to lots of nice new equipment and feel comfortable asking for help.

Planet Fitness is known for: low prices, judgement free zone, protective of the rights of Planet Fitness's members to feel like they belong, and create an environment where you can relax.

Select the right type of Planet Fitness membership for you! Weather you select the or Black Card Membership, just belonging has its perks. Every member gets to take part in Pizza Monday's and Bagel Tuesdays. Your have access to the club anytime that Planet Fitness is opened. You get to ask for help with whatever you need. The Black Membership Cards is only .99 per month! With the Black Membership card, not only do you have access to Planet Fitness's home club and fitness training, you get to unlimited use of massage chairs, tanning, guest privileges at any franchise locations, 1/2 price cooler drinks and more!

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Check out our 5 locations today!

2216 S. Nellis BLVD. (702) 432-4200
3300 E. Flamingo Road (702) 547-1200
1570 N. Eastern Avenue (702) 826-4200
1324 W. Craig Rd, North Las Vegas (702) 854-9500
230 S. Decatur BLVD, STE B-100, Las Vegas. (702) 586-1900

For more information visit http://www.planetfitness.com
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