So you have thought about becoming a hand model. You have long, straight, slender fingers with even cuticles and beautifully shaped nails. You have an even skin tone, free of blemishes and marks. Where can you go from here to see if you are capable of getting employed as a hand model?

The first step is to take pictures of your hands. Do not pay for expensive professional pictures just yet. Instead, enlist the help of a friend or family member to take pictures of your hands in a comfortable setting. To get ideas for the pictures, look on the internet at hand modeling images and try to imitate them without worrying too much about background, lighting, etc.

Once you have accumulated some pictures that you like with a variety of hand positions, look up quality modeling agencies in your area. Even if the agency does not have a body parts modeling department to their agency, they may still be willing to take on a hand model if they believe they can find work for the hand model. Sometimes, this might even be to your advantage if you become the agency's "exclusive" hand model. Therefore, get in touch with all the quality agencies in your area.

If an agency agrees to sign you on as a hand model, generally at this time it is appropriate for the model to purchase professional pictures and sign a contract. However, it is extremely important that your agency is reputable because some agencies might have you pay for professional pictures in order to make money off you by selling them. Therefore, it is essential that you research the agency thoroughly especially before taking any professional pictures.

However, if you feel comfortable marketing yourself, you might be able to sidestep signing with an agency entirely. Currently, there is an increasing trend for hand models to create their own professional websites with pictures of their hands for potential employers. Hand models may market themselves as well by adding their information and pictures to popular model search websites, so that they can be contacted by potential employers. The benefit to marketing yourself as a model on the internet is that the hand model does not have to wait for jobs to come through their particular agency. They are exposed to many types of jobs over an ever larger area of employers.

However, if the hand model has no experience hand modeling, it is advisable that they first seek out an agency to see if they truly do have potential for hand modeling, even if they decide to side step the agency and market themselves on the internet. This is because agencies have a more refined view of what constitutes employable hands in the current industry, and agents may have a more critical or encouraging view of your potential.

Goof luck!

Marissa, owner of a popular Hand Modeling website, has been working on her career as a Hand Modeling for several years now. Visit for more info.

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