Now that you are over 50 you may be wondering about the "Golden Years" to come. You have probably been working non stop for decades and are feeling both happy and nervous about the free time to come. Getting the most out of your retirement is as simple as getting healthy and staying active.

You have seen the ads targeting people your age. You see pictures of seniors hiking, swimming, and even rock climbing. Your peers talk about time on the tennis courts and golf courses. So many senior men and women enjoy activities with loved ones such as bicycling and ballroom dancing. Many have lives that are full and active, but you may wonder how you can enjoy retirement in that way. The secret to having the best years of your life is to achieve fitness over 50.

Decades of stressful work 5 or more days a week may have gotten you out of shape. Many people turn 50 and find that they are sedentary, overweight, unfit, and unhealthy. If you remain sedentary after retirement, you will soon become even more out of shape and unhealthy. A sedentary life can also have very serious and many times deadly health repercussions like a heart attack, diabetes, or cancer.

If you begin a fitness program tailored to your over 50 needs you be able to get the most out of your retirement and avoid illness. It is not hard to become fit, so do not be intimidated by your age. You may not start at the same intense level you would have in your youth, but you can still get the same fantastic results. The first step is to design a quality exercise regiment.

Strength training or bodybuilding over 50 is an important part of an exercise program. Bodybuilding builds muscle mass and makes you strong enough for all the activities you want to do in your retirement. Rock climbing, long hikes, and family bike rides means that you will need strong muscles to support you. Bodybuilding prepares you for this kind of activity and can help you stay free and independent for decades to come.

Cardio and Flexibility workouts are also essential. Cardio exercise improves your heart, lungs, and blood circulation. It builds endurance for activities like tennis matches and swimming. Yoga and other flexibility exercises keep your muscles stretched and joints limber for enjoyable activities like an evening of ballroom dancing with someone special.

Good nutrition and positive lifestyle changes are also an important component of fitness. Reduce the fats and sugary carbohydrates in your diet. Increase the protein, nutrients, and water you consume. Positive lifestyle changes include reducing areas of stress in your life and stopping bad habits that harm your body such as smoking or alcohol.

You can control how active you remain. If you are healthy, you will be able to do all of the things you dreamed of doing when you retired. If you want the "Golden Years" to be the best yet, today is the day to start a fitness program.

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