HP is one of the best laptop companies that exist on the present market today. They own the first place in the most sold laptops in 2009 and in other years too. People tend to buy HP because they know from others that the laptops produces by them are reliable, performant, and they fits their needs perfectly.

In the first quarter of 2009 HP managed to sell about 6500 laptops and this number from my point of view could tell you the trust that people have in this company and in its products. The choice of most costumers was the following laptop that in my opinion in a very good one and has one of the best HP laptop prices:

HP Pavilion DV4-1433US 14.1-inch - The HP Pavilion DV4-1433US comes with a 2.1Ghz Core 2 processor, 4GB of RAM and a spacious 320GB hard drive. Its 14.1-inch screen is a HD display and it even comes with a HDMI port. Like many HP laptop models such as Hp F4486B, Pavilion dv6000(Hp dv6000 battery), there is also a tiny remote to access a variety of multimedia controls. This laptop comes at a modest price of 649$ . I think that the price is very good because the specifications are one of the best.

The laptop is designed for personal and mobile use. It is made out of almost the same parts the desktop computer is made of. This typical components include a display, a keyboard, a touch pad or by case a track pad, integrated speakers and a battery which practically gives life to laptop computers.

You can use the HP Pavilion DV4-1433US 14.1-inch in many places such as at home, in the park, or at work. Another big advantage of using a laptop is the quick access to any information you want . You can power it up even when you are traveling by place or by bus , the only condition for doing this is to have your battery full.

Another advantage that laptop computers offer you is connectivity. You can connect to the Internet if you are in a wireless zone or you have an wireless stick which you place it in one of the laptops ports.

HP has a very large pallet of laptops and prices for all people. Most of the HP laptop prices are quite modest and I think that most of us can afford one without any problems because they are maid for all kinds of people. The most sold laptops from HP have prices that are around 500$ . In my opinion the HP laptop prices are one of the best from the present market. Their laptops are excellent, reliable, long lasting, very good built quality, and long battery life. In other words they are the best laptops with the best prices.

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