Planet Fitness has some interesting strategies. I'm sure you have heard some, like ordering free pizza and donuts for their customers, Tootsie Rolls on the check in counter and your welcome bag, as well as a strict no body building activity or dress policy. The lunk alarm. It's all true I've seen it, except for the last one, I haven't seen anybody attempt to do any body building activity or dress in that manner.

If you just rolled your eyes then you're exactly like I was when I heard about this! Here I am trying to help people change their lives through fitness and nutrition and here is Planet Fitness enticing people with their a month plan and giving them pizza and donuts!

See PF knows exactly what they are doing. They are not marketing to the elite group of people who eat clean 99% of the time or think that they should. They are marketing to their people...which extends through out to the culture of the place.

I wore a Planet Fitness shirt this weekend to a Beachbody Celebration and people looked at me and commented as if I was some sort of abomination. They meant well and are just trying to protect their lifestyle. This same group of people I love and are a symbol of the everyday person getting in shape at their own pace, on their own terms, were being elitist hypocrites. And you know what, so was I!

Here is where I say I was wrong. Here's where I say I was no better than the people that fat shame and just as bad if not worse than people's thoughts of how Planet Fitness is a shitty company for speaking directly to their niche.

So why was I wrong? I was wrong because like so many others I was being a hypocrite. Laughing and joking that a fitness place gives out pizza and donuts once a month...when I myself ate pizza at least once a month. I was wrong because I assumed they were just "fattening people up" so they could keep them in the web of plans and fees and up charges. When what they were creating was an environment that spoke to the 98%. They have never asked me to pay for anything I don’t need or have already paid for. They are very hands off, but quick to help if needed. This isn’t irresponsible...this is brilliant.

Does anyone have to eat the pizza or the Tootsie Rolls or wear shirts that show off everything but their nipples? NO! Let’s not give all the power away here. We’re all the way we are because of our own choices and because we chose to say yes or no when someone offered us tempting deliciousness. But for me that feels way more relatable than going into a gym where perfection is expected. I’m an advocate of the 85-15% rule. Do it healthy and hard 85% of the time, the other 15% enjoy life! I would say once a month pizza and donuts fall into the 15%.

I am a fitness and nutrition consultant because I loved working out with easy to use programs, easy meal plans, relatively inexpensive nutrition, in a do it on your own terms without judgment type of lifestyle. In my opinion Planet Fitness is doing the same thing. I now use their equipment for a month that doesn’t fit or I’d rather not pay for in my own home. I still use my workouts I have always used at home because I can stream them to my phone via Beachbody On Demand with their free WiFi.

I feel many of us who get into fitness and nutrition do a disservice to the rest of the people who would like to but don’t know how or are afraid to start. We do this by running around telling everyone how the way it worked for me is the best way and anyone that doesn’t do it that way is wrong. No wonder people are overwhelmed and paralyzed to even start...look at all the contradicting things you find when you search Google.

If you are looking for a Simon Says way to get your shit together with a no judgement policy with a bit of tough love I know some people willing to help. If you don’t have space or equipment, I know a place that would love to have you.
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July 12 (Bloomberg) -- Planet Fitness is gaining gym membership market share, offering cheap memberships, pizza and candy. Bloomberg's Su Keenan gets the 'healthy fun' tour. (Source: Bloomberg)

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