Salem bankruptcy lawyers do not really have any slow season. Most Salem bankruptcy lawyers have been busier this year than last, and the flood of new clients from all levels of society shows no sigh of slowing down or quitting. This may seem unfortunate for the economy, but it is actually good that more and more people are seeking help to reorganize their finances.

Many people sitting right now in the offices of many Salem bankruptcy lawyers were just a few months prior bill paying citizens, meeting mortgages, credit cards bills and even college tuitions.

But then they suffered a financial shock or two. They lost their job, had an unexpected medical bill or had their mortgage or credit card payments increase greatly.

Most are in shock that they are in such bad financial shape. They had known things were sliding downhill but didn't take any action. This is a mistake. usually things running downhill will not stop unless some type of corrective action is taken.

Most people end up talking with their lawyers with no plan. Remember, bankruptcy is not the end of life; in fact, it is a new beginning. You should make some time and sit down and make out a plan as to where you want to be in two, three or five years.

Your lawyer will help you as much as possible, but you must be your own best advocate.

Once with your lawyer you may be advised to file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 consumer bankruptcy. Chapter 7 will have you sell off your assets and paying off your creditors. Chapter 13 will have you set a schedule to repay your creditors and keep some assets.

Or your advice may be more conservative: get on a budget or get a second job.

Working with you lawyer will be the first step in getting your financial life back in order.

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