There are several effective ways to promote new programs and facilities for a fitness club. Expensive TV or radio advertising can be beneficial but fitness club owners on a budget may have limited marketing resources. One effective and affordable method for promoting a fitness club is the use of printed marketing materials. The following are examples of print promotional materials that can be used.

Brochures - Brochures serve as concise information sheets outlining the program and activities. Through a balanced combination of text and graphics, brochures can feature a schedule of a list of the gym's facilities, exercise classes, names of instructors, health tips, and fees. These are ideal promotional materials for first time or walk-in customers. They can also serve as promotional materials by outlining a list of exercise promos, discount packages, and seasonal giveaways. Bulk printing of standard or customized brochures is offered by online printing services at reliable, high-quality service.

Booklets - Booklet printing serves as handy and mobile marketing materials. They are also ideal promotional materials for walk-in or first-time customers as well as regular customers. They can feature a list of classes or program of activities, history of the fitness club, a list of trainers, and facilities. Printing booklets is convenient with online printing companies as they offer customized printing complete with Saddle-stitched binding services.

Posters - Posters can serve as high-impact, graphic materials for both internal and external promotion. They can strengthen the club's brand name by featuring a name, logo, and tagline. They can feature, through a combination of text and graphics, motivational messages and tips on exercising and physical fitness. They can be used as in-house promotional materials to announce special offers, promos, and seasonal discounts. Online printing companies also print bulk orders of posters using offset printers.

Holistic living has renewed people's interest in healthy lifestyle practices. People today are increasingly conscious of what they eat and are exercising regularly. Exercise activities such as sports and fitness club routines are still very popular. Increase profit and take advantage of this market demand through printed promotional materials for new fitness club facilities, programs, and seasonal offers.

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