Successful clubs spend time training and practising to conduct a professional "Wants Analysis Consultation" where they determine what motivated the person to make the enquiry, discuss the PM's exercise history, establish emotional reasons for wanting to join a club and what their lifestyle goals are and the way your team and club can help them fulfil their wants. BUT, how many of you really pass this information to the Fitness team? If you are not passing this important info to the Fitness Team, then these are the implications: The Fitness Instructor must start everywhere again wasting vital time and costing you money. The new member thinks "I've already told all this to the membership person". They opened their heart to the MC and felt understood, currently feels it had been all for nothing ("did he really care about me or did they merely need the sale?") The member becomes irritated on the induction as they did this at their last gym (that they told the MC). The connection with the Fitness Instructor isn't as strong due to having to pay their time learning concerning the machines and not about every other. They are less likely to feel snug in their new environment and fewer likely to want to inform their friends ensuing in lost referral leads. What you'll do about it! Devise a "New Member Summary Card" (NMS) which is completed at the end of every sale and hooked up to the appointment diary for the date of that member's induction - this ensures the relevant Fitness Instructor gets it. The NMS card should include the following temporary data (2 mins to complete) - Previous Exercise History, Hobbies, Goals and Reasons, Club Areas of Interest and any alternative relevant info like - hates spinning or was a swimming instructor, not comfy in massive teams or maybe left last gym thanks to lack of attention. For those clubs who have completed the Insights Discovery programme you'd also embody the overall Personality kind ie. Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Inexperienced or Cool Blue. This permits the FI to 'adapt' their vogue to suit that of the member making them feel more snug thus that they both 'connect' guaranteeing a more pleasurable experience. By ensuring your instructors understand a way to interpret this data they can immediately have an understanding of the members needs and goals and any special interests, that the FI will discuss before the induction, demonstrating a professional approach and making the member feel comfortable that the FI understands his needs and expectations. Even during the induction the FI will continuously refer back to the NMS card saying "I see you used to play semi-professional Football, that team was it for?" or "Janet, I notice you was a member of xxxx thus have in all probability lined most of this before, how concerning we have a tendency to cowl the basics and spend some a lot of time discussing your goals?" or "James (MC) tells me you actually wish to be seeing some results before you persist vacation in three months, where are you off to?" and so on!! Making certain a members feels snug in your club in their first thirty days is one of the most influencing factors to whether they can need to stay for the remainder of the year (retention), refer friends (sales) and attend often - spending money in alternative areas of the club.

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