If you are looking for sports clips, you have a choice of what to look for. You can get cartoon clips, art clips and even short movie clips. It all depends on what you are looking for.

When searching for clips for a child, there are many different sites that you can go to for cartoon clips. These are great to use on birthday cards that you can print from the internet. You can also use them in email when someone you know just won a trophy with their team.

Even though some children may not have a team that they play for, they may have a favorite sport that they want to play. You can put these clips on little notes just to add a little something special to your email or card.

There are also many movie clips that you can watch about sports. If you missed the big play on the football game the night before, you can log onto many sports sites or news sites and click on the video. This way you will feel like you didn't miss a thing from the game.

With all of the many different types of clips that you can get, there are also art clips. These are actual pictures of different sports. You can see clips of fishing, boating, skateboarding, football and baseball just to name a few. These are great for adding to your emails to your friends.

Imagine sitting down at your computer and you typing an email to your best friend.

You can't wait to rub it in their face that their favorite team lost the day before. Wouldn't it be great to put a picture on your email of that particular sport and add your own little caption underneath?

You can pick and chose the different ways that you want to use your sports clips. Go online and find a site that offers short movies on the basketball game and then send it your friends. Add some of them to your facebook website or add a link to your blog website so that others can see what you are into.

The possibilities are endless. All it takes is a little imagination and a little click of your finger and creativity is just around the corner. You can find clips that are happy, sad and just plain funny. Whatever your mood, there is something for you to find. Happy searching in the wonderful world of sport clips.

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