Ok, so the baby has arrived and now its time to get back into shape.You have started to be more active but it's not always easy.

Sure its easy to be motivated the first couple of days but after a week or so the enthusiasm dwindles and the motivation to get-going is mostly gone. You return to your old habit of not getting the exercise that you know you need.

Here are some tips to stay on track back to being fit...

Its only 4 percent. Commit to spending five to eight hours a week to get fit. That could mean going to the gym, riding a bike, brisk walking or jogging. Five to eight hours a week may seem like a lot (especially when you are just starting), but it only represents about 4 percent of the time you have available in any given week. You know that regular exercise will do so much for you - relieve your stress, improve your overall health, and help to lose those unwanted extra pounds.
Remind yourself why you exercise. The most common reason why people exercise is to improve their overall health. On those days when you just don't want to exercise remind yourself of all the benefits that you are receiving. increased lifespan; more energy to be active with your family; weight loss; reduce stress; look better; better attitude toward life.
Remember the good stuff. When it is tough for you mentally to go to the gym, or out for a walk remind yourself how good it felt the last time you ran a mile, or worked on the elliptical machine. Rather than feel guilty for not wanting to exercise focus on the positive - what fitness activity have you done recently and how great it felt.
Set goals. Start with simple goals and then change them as your fitness level improves. Make sure that your goals are ones that are realistic and achievable.
Mix it up. Don`t get into an exercise rut. Walk one day, ride the bike the next day, off to the gym the next day. Keep it fresh by using a variety of exercise activities.
Do it every day. Make physical activity part of your everyday routine.
Write it down. Use a calendar and schedule your workouts the same way that you would any other important appointment.
Keep track of your progress. Write down what you did today so that you can see the progress that you are making.
Have fun. Exercise shouldn't be drudgery. Do physical activities that you find fun. Rollerblade, dance. Find the activities that work for you - that are fun for you and that will keep you going towards your fitness goals.

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