Ending war ?? 11 months of home appliances market, in
Suning Under the guidance of electrical appliances market Zouwang, following last week's Asian Games Village store Suning opened successfully, Suning Appliance Youxiang the market this week put a lot of resources, leading home appliance market. However, Suning the resources that they put in the past a bit different, with 19 stores all the focus of Suning, which, like Ahn Jung-shop

Association Bridge Shop, Chaoyang Road, shops, holly leaf shop, Asian Games Village shop is the
Promotions Priority activities. ?? Winning the magic
? "Regional linkage, a collection of several chains, the formation of edge in a region" is a great magic weapon to win Suning, the promotion, Suning took advantage of this magic, Ahn Jung-focused shop, Lenovo Bridge Shop, Chaoyang Road shop, holly leaf bridge shops, Asian Games Village shop into a

Flagship store Group, to lead the home appliance market.
? Ahn Jung-shop, shop Lenovo Bridge, Chaoyang Road, shops, holly leaf Suning stores the real "main store", which is four stores in the capital Suning cornerstone of the development contribution for the Beijing Suning Appliance nearly 50%

Sell Amount. Newly opened "the Asian Games Village Shop" is a development strategy Suning north central, geographically speaking, is located in the North Fourth Ring Road in the vicinity of the Asian Games Village shop, first with the North Third Ring Road of Ahn Jung shop, Lenovo Bridge shop in the North and North Third Ring Road Ring region of a "triangular battle", the northern capital market will be firmly in the hands of Suning Appliance. Secondly, the Asian Games Village shops and East Fourth Ring, Chaoyang Road Branch, West Fourth Ring Road in the holly leaf to form a ring Ring Bridge store's flagship business district, covering the City of Victoria area. Use "Ahn Jung-shop, shop Lenovo Bridge, Chaoyang Road, shops, holly leaf shop, Asian Games Village Shop" to form a chain of five covering basically the capital of battle, a battle really is a "flawless."

? In addition, Suning 10 years of development for 2005 has laid a good foundation: there are hundreds of domestic and international strategic partnership of supply chain systems; strong human resources and sending groups of Suning chain excellence

Talent ; Suning Appliance Chain system of point, line and surface integration matrix
Organization Round shaped structure; fully implemented the "four modernizations management" established
Home appliance chain Industry, "Su Ning standards"; on 100 million fund to construct the advanced enterprise

Information System ... ... ?? Suning's shop chain development is not an isolated process,
Operate Management quality and efficiency is
Assessment Important criterion for our work. Meanwhile, Suning how to maintain the quality chain management initiatives are introduced briefly.

? Science Planning Store type ?? Suning each store location has a very strict set of normative standards, related to circle the type of radiation area, covering the crowd, and many other elements, for example, each store will be strictly limited radiation of more than 100 000 people, both store must be between the interval of more than three kilometers, etc., and accordance with the basis of these indicators will be flagship stores, the center stores, community stores three types of reasonable distribution, so that effectively divide the radiation range of each shop to ensure the necessary input and output The basic market space.

? Selected stores focus on quality Decoration Quality ?? Option will store Suning general traffic conditions, store age, level of renovation, water allocation, hardware and software to conduct a comprehensive assessment of conditions and the preferred choice, ensure that the store can be selected within the same circle with the best the "innate" condition. Suning also in the decoration part of a group of excellent space management

Expert And category layout experts, who carefully carried out consumer research, designed the space layout for the customer design the best route to walk. Suning also has a unique decoration company, through a variety of decorative materials for national unity tendering and procurement, to ensure that all materials of high grade and focus on its environmental protection, but also in the process of tight fitting also maintained regular supervision to ensure that the chain Suning proverbial quality image in the industry, in September began to Suning also launched a new nationwide VI, the new store image by consumers at home.

? Focus on business innovation ?? Suning to rely on market demand, customer-oriented, reasonable combination of product lines and positioning with high-end stores, focusing on the promotion of new products and consumer habit, for itself and continue to create new profit growth. Suning introduced a new "digital life? Dream? Home" business philosophy, experiential, consultation, knowledge

Marketing And other new business model has been fully interpreted, but also laid a stroke Suning Appliance high-end market in Beijing

Leadership Status. ?? Mobile Festival highlights shine
? 11 month is the traditional peak season for home appliances, mobile phones,
Sound , TV , Air conditioning Small home appliances products are sell well. In the context of this market, "Su Ning fifth phone Day" in all stores within the full swing. Suning as a beacon leading the mobile phone industry has been the popularity of mobile phone consumers show the direction and future development trend of delisting from the black and white to color mobile phone popularity of cell phones from the images to

Music phone
The prevalence of Suning Appliance to provide consumers with more appropriate products as the most basic responsibility.

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