Ok, I admit it... I'm a huge fan of WalMart. With the little free time that I have during the week, I love the fact that I can go to one place to pick up anything that I might need. I feel the same way about fitness too - so I couldn't believe my luck when I found The 24 Hour Fitness Center. A clean, well-maintained facility that caters to your every fitness want, need, and preference (even those needs you didn't know you had!).

For 24 hours a day you're given access to their extensive weight training facility, their huge selection of state-of-the-art cardiovascular equipment, any and all types of fitness gear, locker rooms, and - believe it or not - baby-sitting accommodations!

Not to worry, there are 300 of these centers located in several states, so it's likely that there's one near you. Unlike every other gym or fitness center available - the Center allows you to pay monthly, without the long-term contract requirements.

Part of the Center "experience" includes a complete personal training package, fully customized to suit your body type, weight, and build.

With such a large number of offerings, the Center gives its members the option to choose the club that will help them achieve their goals. The Active Club's group exercise, free weights, and cardio machines are ideal for those looking to burn fat in the shortest time possible. The Sports Club includes all activities in the Active Club with additions of access to the basketball courts, heated pools, and whirlpools. The Super-Sport Club encompasses the amenities in the Active Club plus the Sports Club plus access to the Day Spa, Racquetball Courts, and the exclusive executive locker room.

The Center offers specialized programs designed by professional athletes and trainers. Each program is customized to the individual and can range from improving performance in a specific sport to serious training for competition.

Each individualized training program includes customized meal plans. Don't know what to eat after an hour of running? Your individual meal plan is adapted to help get you through those intense workouts. After you've finished exercising, don't forget to have your metabolic rate tested with the Center's state-of-the-art equipment.

Need to start working out but have no idea what to do? The Center's programs offer all the information on nutrition, resistance training, and cardio training required to meet each person's goals.

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