In one of the many courier services in the Philippines, LBC is considered as one of the top brands across the country. Other than FedEx and UPS, LBC is one of the many courier companies that offer their services directly for Filipinos working abroad. But why did LBC became so popular?

Aside from the years worth of trust that LBC have shown to the Filipino people, LBC is also the only courier company that offers 24hour package delivery Philippines. Started as a brokerage and air cargo agent, LBC has grown to become an air cargo delivery service that first introduced the 24hour package delivery to the Philippines.

Today, because of their successful 24hour package delivery Philippines services, LBC became a respected leader offering fast and reliable Express Courier and Money Remittance service throughout the Philippines. LBC also offers the widest coverage and network with over 600 strategically located branches nationwide.

LBC's continuous growth in the domestic market instigated setting foot overseas. The first LBC branch outside the country was established in San Francisco, California in 1985. Presently, LBC has over 60 branches in the United States and Canada.

A high number of Filipino migrant workers have also settled in neighboring Asian countries. LBC expanded with four offices in Hong Kong and eight others strategically situated in Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan.

Being in the forefront of innovation, LBC supported the growing needs of migrant Filipinos and their families by offering new services and establishing new businesses. In setting up LBC Development Bank in 1995, LBC offered banking products that helped Filipinos manage their financial resources and options.

Online shopping and 24hour package delivery Philippines were also made available through Express Regalo, photo printing & delivery nationwide through Digiprint as well as fresh flowers delivery anywhere in the Philippines through Flowers Express.

Since the first time LBC made its first contact with courier services, its vision still remains the same today: to link people to people through the express delivery of services that include cargo, courier, money remittance and travel. Having proven itself in supplying its services domestically, LBC trained its eye towards catering to the needs of overseas Filipinos.

Timothy Gomez is a Filipino pro-blogger for three years now. His interest in writing started since he was little and his overseas work gave way to so he can further pursue this hobby.