Look online and you'll find thousands of ideas for promotional products, from keyrings and mouse mats to mugs and pens. The most successful promotional items are generally those that have a certain quirkiness about them that make them appealing to everyone, and items that have a practical use.

USB flash drives are particularly popular with businesses as they are extremely practical, their neat small design makes them easy to carry around, and they are an economical option when it comes to making a marketing budget go a long way.

USB's are the latest items that can be branded with your company logo or name and used for promotions. They are a very effective tool facilitated by all kinds of industries as most people these days have a computer and have a need for USB's. Printing your logo and details on a USB stick provides a high level of visibility, customise it to whatever shape, size and design you want and have a truly unique and individual promotional giveaway.

Investing in custom USB sticks will guarantee your business is one that is remembered. Use the design to reflect the type of business you are in, for example if you have a car showroom then a memory stick shaped like a car or gas pump is a novel idea, whilst if you are in the wine business then check out the creatice wine bottle USB. The possibilities are limitless when it comes to creating something to fit in with your company image, give them away free to your clients and get yourself talked about all over the place.

Custom USB sticks can be fashioned into all kinds of 2-D or 3-D shapes using various materials. Some of the most original designs available include lego, miniature famous people, cartoons, fruit and veg, airplanes, animals, even sushi! If you're looking for a quality item then check out those with their very own miniature leather case for as great look and extra protection, or for special clients then a silver stick personalized by laser engraving their name on it is a definite hit that's sure to win you orders!

Customising a USB guarantees that your design is one of a kind and distinctive to your company, no-one else will have anything like it and your clients will feel privileged to be given such a great freebie!

Online you'll find custom USB designs that can come up with some really cool great designs, manufacture it, and deliver in just a few days. Put your company name and logo on the flash stick and you'll really stand out from any other company with similar products.

The other advantage to giving away USB's as part of a promotion is that you can put information about your company and products on it for the customer to view when they use it. Along with seeing your logo everytime they use it, your brand awareness is emphasised. You only pay for the memory stick one time, but the marketing potential is huge.

Before you place your flash drive order ensure you check a few details. Once your designer has come up with a unique design for your company you'll need to consider what material you would like it to be made from. Whilst both plastic and metal are durable, metal is stronger and looks more stylish, also think about how many GB's your clients would need, and the details to be printed on the USB itself.

A custom USB is a novel marketing idea and will get you noticed. Everyone loves something for free and when it comes in a funky, colourful, or stylish shape and form and has a practical use, then they are sure to remember your name and recommend you to others. Useful in all sorts of promotions, from one-off events and as giveaways at trade shows, they can also be highly effective for press launches, internal distribution, corporate gifts, and even sold as a retail item.

Michiel Van Kets writes articles for Andreas Amstore about custom USB products from Amstore Memory USA. Amstore Memory USA has successfully worked in creative media production for the last ten years, servicing the corporate, pharma, music and entertainment markets, providing custom USB designs that are unique and creative, helping you stand out from the crowd at your next meeting or promotional event. Consult Amstore for the best custom USB sticks available.