Group President Hou Songrong: "2008, 2009,2010 to achieve breakthrough on the key domestic brands is three years. In the past of 2008, domestic brands have successfully recaptured

Flat Panel TV

Half the market. I believe in 2009, Chinese enterprises will be laid flat edge. "

?? From "Konka: Domestic


Take advantage of the financial crisis has re foreign brands "

Comment: Over the past 2008 years, the use of domestic color TV price war


Will wait for a favorable opportunity to battle in foreign soil in the really "proud" of a market share of more than foreign brands. Foreign brands in the past when the price war, domestic brands only vulnerable to attack. Now, the global LCD


Overall excess capacity, the financial crisis has worsened the LCD panel prices fell and industrial losses. This greatly restricts the LCD panel production line has a foreign brand, while the panel did not set foot in the industry for a number of domestic brands, will cost more than foreign brands made a significant advantage. Therefore, the Konka Group, said Hou Songrong president in 2009, is made flat inflection point strategic counteroffensive, domestic brands in China's color TV market share will be further enhanced.

Home Appliances

Industry experts Hong Shibin: "appliances to the countryside grants, can use force 'eggs' principle."

?? "" Home appliances to the countryside "grant application with the shell" eggs "theory"

Comments: home appliances to the countryside in the current situation can be said is works of a good thing. But can be implemented well, can really benefit the people must make a questions. The state subsidy of 13% can reach a point in time many farmers in the hands of a friend became the biggest question. "There are policies," but now the cost of subsidies to the countryside home appliances are divided according to population size to the local finance and local finance is likely to occur impersonator, overstatement, prevarication, "stealing" and so on. Therefore, some experts suggest that subsidies to the countryside can also be used appliance units "egg" theory. In the army, the soldiers on the table every morning and add an egg, and there is a shell. This "egg" theory, to achieve good results in the armed forces. Because the eggs have shells that after the level in the more soldiers who dared to break the eggs, or puncture holes in the egg, "stealing" a bit, as evidence, would justice.

This principle applied to home appliances to the countryside on the way subsidies for farmers to purchase household appliances to the countryside brother product subsidies, with subsidies for home appliance product category type, product bar codes, ID numbers, direct subsidies to farm-specific books of account , free calls, goes to the database information to the provincial Department of Finance (Provincial Department of Finance to establish the people to the countryside home grants database system), then the database information farmers will survive, and associated processing, after the money directly into farmers farm direct subsidy, a dedicated book on the depositary bank.

Ho Yang, vice president of Gome Green: "In President Chen's leadership, the country the United States will be more professional and professional."

?? "State Ho Yang Qing, vice president of the U.S.: CHEN, led by GOME more professional"

Comments: In early 2009,

Huang Guangyu

States formally resigned the presidency of the United States Board of Directors and by the Executive Director and Chief Executive Chen Xiao successor. State Ho Yang Qing, vice president of the United States believes that this change means that the country has established the United States to Chen Xiao as the core professional, professional management team. And form a "triangle" management center "iron triangle" of three fulcrum were CHEN, Weiqiu Li and Wang Junzhou, after which three U.S. groups were in the country at different boundaries. Decentralization of the existing management team and rule, and perhaps will give

GOME Electrical Appliances

In light of the interests of the constraints in the balance.

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