One of the most-read sections in any newspaper is the sports page. This is probably the quickest, most inexpensive, and easiest way to keep current with players, favorite teams, and new trends in the sports world.
If you want to be a sport writer, it's important that you do understand the sports that you are writing about otherwise, you will not be able to capture the interest of your readers. Also, you must know how to sound neutral even if you are rooting for a particular team that you are writing about.

The sports industry has grown into a multimillion dollar enterprise in modern times. Millions of people all over the world are enjoying sports one way or another, either as spectator, an enthusiast, or a sport event participant. The level of support that people show for sports goes from the smallest, localized community level to the international level. For example, different local schools in a certain country may associate with each other for the purpose of athletic competitions. This local association may, as a whole, associate with another association of their kind on the national level. This national level association may again go into association with other national level association, and this creates an international athletic association. Local and national sports associations are usually supported by their respective local or national government, while international associations are supported either by funds from member associations, private donations, or revenues from sports events.

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